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Track Fundraising Performance with Campaigns
Track Fundraising Performance with Campaigns

You can use standard campaigns to track the performance of individual pages and upsells

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Campaigns are a great way to track your fundraising performance. When you create a campaign and add it to pages or upsell flows, you can track how much your initiative has raised.

You can track your fundraising performance by several metrics, such as fundraising channels, email sends, or broad marketing initiatives. You can also track fundraising across multiple pages.

Create a Campaign

Click the green Create Campaign button at the top right corner of your screen. Select Standard to create a regular tracking campaign.

Name your campaign and select the gear icon to add an Email Body Override.

After adding an Email Body, any donors from the pages the campaign is appended to will receive this specific email after donating instead of the default one.

Once completed, select the green Save button at the top right corner of your screen.

Add Dynamic Amounts

Dynamic Amounts allow you to customize the donation button amounts based on who the donor is and previous giving history. You can set rules that say if a donor meets certain criteria the button amounts change accordingly.

Toggle the Dynamic Donation Segments button to yes and click the green Add Segment button.

Add a Campaign to a Page

Once you've created your Campaign, head to the My Pages tab and click the page you'd like to add to the campaign.

In the Page Setup tab, scroll down to the Campaign section. From the drop-down, choose the campaign you'd like to add to the page.

Add a Campaign to an Upsell Flow

To add a Campaign to your Upsell Flow, head to the pages tab and click the Upsell Flow sub-tab. From there, click on the specific flow, and a menu to edit it will appear.

Hit the gear icon next to Upsell Flow Details and select your desired campaign from the drop-down menu. Once selected, hit save in the top right-hand corner, and you are done!

Track Your Campaign's Success

To see how well your campaign is doing, head back to your Campaigns tab in the sub-menu of your Pages tab. Here, you will see every campaign you've created, the number of donors, donations, and the total raised for each campaign.

To archive a Campaign, click the ellipses at the right side of your screen and click Archive from the menu.

Filter Notifications by Campaign

When a campaign is added to your page, you can use that campaign as a filter for email notifications.

Download Data by Campaign

Using the filtering tool, which is found under the Revenue then Donations tab, you can filter and download data by a specific campaign under the Advanced tab.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact our team by clicking the red chatbot in the bottom right corner of your screen. We’re happy to assist!

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