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Merchandise FAQs

Helpful merchandise guidelines to consider

Updated over a week ago

WinRed’s zero-touch merchandise solution is designed to make it easy for you to create and launch your own custom products. With this solution we would also like to provide you with some guidelines to be conscious of when creating your products.

How does offering merchandise on WinRed work?
Merchandise on WinRed is considered a gift with a donation. There is no sale of items and no sales tax.

When does my design need to have a disclaimer?

Each state has their own laws around when disclaimers are needed on certain products. WinRed does not provide guidance on these obligations, if you are unsure if a product should be designed with a paid for by disclaimer, we suggest you reach out to your legal counsel for guidance.

How do I know if my design violates any trademarks?

When creating your own products it is important to ensure there are no trademark/copyright infringements on any photos/images/sayings that are used. WinRed does not check artwork for these violations and requests that any possible violations are reviewed by your legal counsel.

Does WinRed set the prices of merchandise items?

The cost associated with the cost of a specific merchandise item is determined by our vendors and not WinRed.

Does WinRed make any money from merchandise?

WinRed does not take any additional fees on merchandise items and only charges a processing fee for the donation.

Are there any restrictions on designs?

WinRed reserves the right to reject any designs that violate the platform terms of use.

How many products can I set-up?

  • WinRed provides the ability to set-up an unlimited number of products, no upfront or monthly fees as long as WinRed is being leveraged as your main processor and over $5,000 has been raised. If a total of $5,000 raised has not yet been reached, WinRed will still get you started with your first 5 products.

  • A product is defined as a single product in one color, i.e. a t-shirt in white would count as one product, the same design on a navy t-shirt would count as a second product.

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