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How to manage your disclaimers on WinRed

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Staying compliant by including the correct disclaimers on your pages is important and WinRed offers several ways to do this. We are going to walk through how to add a default disclaimer and how to override it on a specific page.

Every conduit account has a WinRed disclaimer by default. For more information on that please refer to this guide.

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Default Disclaimers

A default disclaimer will appear on any new page you make. If there are disclaimers you need on every single page, we recommend using this feature instead of adding to specific pages.

To set a Default Disclaimer to your pages, head to your Settings tab and click on Disclaimers.

There are a couple of different types of disclaimers you can add here.

Global Disclaimer

Whatever you add here will appear at the bottom of any page your candidate appears on, regardless of who made the page. That means your own pages will have this as well as pages made by other committees who are splitting with you via slates.

To enable, toggle the disclaimer to yes and add your text. Hit Save at the bottom when done.

Default Box Disclaimer

Use this for any disclaimer that has to be contained within a box, like in this example.

Default Long Disclaimer

Use this option for any other language you need on your pages, but does not need to be contained in a box. This disclaimer will appear above the box disclaimer.

The Box Disclaimer and the Long Disclaimer can be used by both Conduit and Merchant accounts and they can be overwritten on a specific page.


Page-Specific Disclaimers

Sometimes you may want to add a different disclaimer to a specific page instead of your Default Disclaimer.

You can do this by navigating to the Pages tab, then to the My Pages tab, and clicking into the donation page you want to modify.

Head to the Page Setup tab. Scroll down and you'll see the option to add the Disclaimers to that specific page.

Inputting a disclaimer and hitting Save will override your Default Disclaimer on that page.

Keep in mind that the Global Disclaimer cannot be removed unless you remove it from your default disclaimer settings.

Storefront Disclaimers

Your storefront has its own set of disclaimers. To access those head to Merchandise and then to Storefront Settings.

Under store setup you will see an option to enter both a Long Disclaimer and Box Disclaimer.

SMS Disclaimers

Disclaimers specific to SMS opt-ins can be added to any page in addition to the above disclaimers.

You have two options to do this

Add SMS Disclaimers to a Single Page

When you need to add this language to only one page, you can do so by heading to the page and going to the Form Fields tab.

Scroll down until you see Mobile Field. Toggle that to Yes and you will see a full menu appear. At the bottom is an option to display an SMS Opt-In Disclaimer.

Add any language you need to here and hit save!

Bulk Update SMS Disclaimer

Adding this disclaimer page-by-page can be tiresome so we have the option to bulk update across all pages in a few clicks.

Questions? Our team is happy to assist! Please feel free to click the red chat box at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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