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Enable a Fundraiser ID

Learn how to use Fundraiser IDs effectively

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Fundraiser ID, also known as Bundler ID, is a way to track and attribute donations to a specific person or group of people who helped to retrieve the donation.

By using this, you can assign a specific ID to a person and then easily pull how much money came in using that ID.

Add the Fundraiser ID Field

A Fundraiser ID field can be enabled on Donation, Petition, High Dollar, and Video pages, as well as WinRed Storefront.

To enable the Fundraiser ID field in the Page Builder, select the Pages tab and then the My Pages subtab.

Click on a page or create a new one, then go to the Form Fields tab. Scroll down to find the toggle for Fundraiser ID.


Toggle Enable Fundraiser ID to yes

  • You will have the option to enter the Default Fundraiser ID. By entering a value in the Default Fundraiser ID field when a donation is made or a petition page is signed this value will automatically be appended as the Fundraiser ID unless it is overwritten.

  • You can also choose to display the field on your page like the example below. When Display Fundraiser ID Field is enabled, a field for donors to input a unique Fundraiser ID is allowed. The Fundraiser ID entered via this field will override the default Fundraiser ID.


You can also enable the Fundraiser ID field in the Storefront settings. Navigate to the Merchandise tab, and then click Storefront Settings. Then head to the Form Fields tab and scroll down, and you'll see a toggle for Fundraiser ID.

Similar to the page builder, you also see the option to enter an option to display the field on your page once the Fundraiser ID is toggled on.

Once toggled on, a Fundraiser ID field will display in the checkout portion of the storefront.

Use URL Parameters to Add a Fundraiser ID

The Fundraiser ID field can be dynamically populated using the url parameter ?bundler_id= OR ?fundraiser_id= followed by the desired fundraiser value to the end of the URL.

For example, if you use the URL then 123 will be placed into the field.

Fundraiser ID In Practice

How you use this field can be done in several ways. Here are a few recommendations to get you started.

  • Assign a Single ID to a page

    • In this example, you add the fundraiser ID field to a page but keep it hidden. Then, enter a default value such as 567. Then you give that page to a specific fundraiser so that any donation they bring will have 567.

      If you have multiple fundraisers, they would each have their page or pages set with their unique ID.

  • Let your Fundraisers Enter Their Own ID

    • Here, we are adding the property as a publicly viewable field. Then, when processing a donation, any fundraiser ID can be used. This is helpful if you have multiple fundraisers using one single page.

      ​Often times, this means your fundraisers are entering donations on behalf of a donor, so make sure they use Virtual Terminal to process the donations!

  • Create a Link for Each Fundraiser with their Own ID

    • In this scenario, we are giving each fundraiser a unique ID and populating it the fundraiser ID property via the URL parameter. The fundraiser ID field would be hidden so that it can't be touched.

      You would give your fundraiser a URL like this:

      Your fundraisers would then send this URL directly to their donors so they can give. This is helpful for fundraisers who are using one page and not entering donations on behalf of the donor.

There are certainly more ways to use this feature — our team is here to help brainstorm with you!

Pull a Report

Once a Fundraiser ID has been enabled on a page or storefront, a new column that lists the ID will display in both the donation and payout reports.

The new column will be titled Bundler, and under this, you will be able to see which specific ID was entered with the donation.

You can filter donations by a specific Fundraiser ID under the Revenue tab.


If you have questions or are unsure about any of these steps, please reach out to our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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