Also referred to as "Bundler ID", Fundraiser ID is useful for a single or small group of people who pool contributions and then deliver to a political campaign. This field will help the campaign identify where the donations originated from. This feature can be used on Donation, Petition, and High Dollar pages. Additionally, the field can be enabled for WinRed Storefront.

Enabling Fundraiser ID for Page-builder

To enable the Fundraiser ID field in page-builder, follow the steps below. Navigate to the Pages pages, and then click My Pages. Click into a page, or make a new one, and head to the Form Fields tab. Scroll down and you'll see a toggle for Fundraiser ID:


If you toggle it to yes, you'll be able to enter in the Default Fundraiser ID. You'll also be able to decide if you'd like to display it on your donation pages.


By entering a value in the Default Fundraiser ID field, you can expect that when a donation is made or petition page is signed, when an export is generated, the value entered in this field will appear specifically under the Bundler column of the export.

When Display Fundraiser ID Field is enabled, a field for donors to input a unique Fundraiser ID is allowed. The Fundraiser ID entered via this field will override the default Fundraiser ID.

Fundraiser ID on Landing Page


Fundraiser ID URL Parameters

In addition to the release of this feature, we have also added a new URL Parameter for this field. Currently, you can append ?bundler_id= OR ?fundraiser_id= followed by the desired fundraiser value to the end of the URL.

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