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How to collect additional user information on your pages

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WinRed allows you to add Custom Fields to your pages. You can use these fields to gather extra data about your supporters or whatever information you need on your form.

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Add a Custom Field

Head to My Pages. Click into the page you want to add a field to, and then select Custom Fields.

You have two options: You can Create a New Custom Field or you can Add an Existing Custom Field that already exists in your account.

Create a New Field

To make a new field from scratch click the "Create New Custom Field' button at the bottom. You can then customize how you want your field to look.

  • Custom Field Name —This is the internal name for the field you are making. It is not visible to the donor.

  • Field Position — Here you set whether the field will appear before or after the corresponding element listed in the Target Position Field.

  • Target Position — This section lets you choose what part of the donation page the field will appear on.

Once you choose a field type, you can customize how it will appear. You will need to enter a Field Label for each field which determines the name of the field that the donor sees. The other options depend on the type of field you select.

Refer to the preview on the right side of your screen to see how it looks.

When you are done, hit save to add it to your page!

Add an Existing Custom Field

If you have a field already created from another page that you want to add to this page, then you can do so by selecting the Add Existing Custom Field option.

After you click that button, you will be shown a drop down of all the fields that exist in your account so you can choose the correct one:

Once selected, you are able to customize the field. When you are done, hit save to add it to your page!

Custom Field Types

  • Text field - This is a regular text field that allows all characters.

  • Number field - This is a field that only allows numbers to be entered.

  • Text area - This is a field that allows donors to add longer comments.

  • Checkbox - This checkbox allows donors to accept a condition or disclaimer before donating. You can toggle whether checking this checkbox is required in order to process a donation.

  • Paragraph - This is simply some helpful text you can add throughout your form.

  • Hidden - This is an invisible field. Hidden fields are useful if you would like to set a default value for a field that donors can't edit. They can be prefilled via URL, like many other custom field types.

  • Select Dropdown - This field type allows donors to choose from a dropdown list of options.

  • Multiple Choice - This presents allows donors to select multiple options from one list of options.

  • Radio Buttons - Presents donors with a number of options to choose from but does not allow more than one option to be selected.

  • Text Field Toggle - This is a text field that appears after a donor has checked a checkbox.

Note: The other field is available to Multiple Choice and Radio Button custom field types. This allows supporters to enter their own responses to a question.

Edit the Order of the Custom Fields

Once multiple Custom Fields have been added to a page, you can edit the order in which they appear on the donation form.

To do this, click the icon next to the field's name, drag the field to the correct spot, and hit save. The custom fields will then appear on the form in this order.

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