Edit an Existing Product

Learn how to edit an existing product on WinRed

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Once a product is created and set up using WinRed's Zero-Touch Merchandise Solution, you can edit different aspects of it, including the name, price, and photo.

Edit a Product

This tab will have every product listed and broken down into four columns.

  • Date - This is the date and time when the product was added to your account.

  • Product Name - The official name given to the item. The product name will be shown on the storefront and in the order confirmation email.

  • Fulfillment House - This signifies the vendor that will be managing fulfillment.

  • Product Price - This is the sale price that will be displayed on your storefront.

To edit a product, click on the specific product to see the menu pictured below.

Some information, such as additional product details, like the Product Options and the Base Image, will be visible. The product can be toggled as Live to show on your storefront and edited by hitting the green Edit Product button in the top right-hand corner.

Edit the Name

After selecting the Edit Product button, you will see the menu below. Under the Public Name field, you can edit the product's name. This name will be displayed on the donor's order confirmation email and on the storefront.

Edit the Price

If you keep on scrolling, you will see the Product Price field. Here, you can edit the price of a specific item. This is for the product's sale price, which will be displayed to the donors before shipping fees are added.

Edit the Variants

If you offer multiple sizes or colors of the same product, these are called Variants and can be edited under Variants. You can change the name and other details, such as additional shipping costs, inventory counts, and if the product is active on campaigns.

Note that you cannot delete Variants. However, you can un-toggle the Active On Campaigns setting to no longer offer a specific variant. This will also hide that Variant as an option on storefronts.

Edit the Storefront Slug

If the product is appearing on a storefront, edit the slug that is associated with it.

Edit Low Inventory Counts

The Variant field also allows you to set the Low Inventory Notification threshold. If a quantity of a product reaches the threshold, an email notification can be sent if a product is running low.

For items being fulfilled by ACE, please contact our merchandise team at merch@winred.com for assistance.

Edit the Photo

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to the Product Images field. Here, you can edit the images of your product that will appear on your storefront.

You will want to upload the images in the opposite order of how they should appear on the storefront. These images must also be under 1MB to order to display on a storefront.


Edit the XML Feed

If shopping ads with WinRed merchandise are being run, edit the products' appropriate tags to be passed to ad servers and utilized in your ad targeting.

Merchandise Campaign Minimum Calculator

When you click on a specific product on the Products tab, you will also see the Merchandise Campaign Minimum Calculator. This tool will take the Product Price and Shipping Cost and let you know the minimum price you can offer on the donation page or upsell.

This tool will adjust each time you edit the product price.

Set a Product As Live/Hidden on a Storefront

If you have questions or are unsure about any of these steps, please reach out to our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.


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