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Set up Email Notifications

How to set up email notifications for new donations, donors, page adds, low inventory and depleted inventory

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With Email Notifications, users can create a customizable notification every time certain actions occur on a committee account.

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Create a Notification

Create a Notification

Once there, click the green Create Notification button located on the right-hand side of your screen.

Configure the Notification

At the top, there will be a section labeled Notification Notes. This is an optional but recommended section where you can add team-wide notes about this notification's purpose for future reference.

Next, under Manage Recipients, add the users who will receive an email notification. If you add more than one recipient, separate them by a comma.

If you want to remove a user, click the "X" by their name.

You can have one notification serve to notify your team of a host of different actions on your account, which are listed below.

For a notification to fire, the trigger must be set to Yes. As an example, see the donation trigger below:

Below is a list of available notifications and a description, an X indicates that a notification is available.

Notification Type


Conduit Account

Merchant Account

New Donation Notification

A notification is sent for every new donation. You can filter this notification by amount, campaign, or by contributor type.



Committee Added

A notification is sent every time your committee is added to another committees page or upsell



Low Inventory

A notification is sent every time the inventory for a bulk ordered merchandise item is low



Depleted Inventory

A notification is sent every time the inventory for a bulk ordered merchandise item is depleted



New Donor

A notification is sent every time a new donor donates to your committee


New Lead

A notification is sent every time a new lead is created


New Subscription

A notification is sent every time a new recurring subscription is created


New Merchandise Order

A notification is sent every time a new merchandise order is created


Report Requested

A notification is sent every time a report is requested from your account


Once you have completed setting up your notification, click the Save button in the top right-hand corner.

Edit or Delete the Notification

Once a notification is live and active, a card will display under the Notifications tab, as shown below.

Use the toggle here if you want to set the notification as active or inactive. To edit the addresses on the notification or turn it off, click the blue Edit Notification button.

Here you can edit the email addresses that are being notified and the notification actions as well.

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to delete the notification if you need to. Selecting the red Delete button will permanently remove the notification from the account.

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