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Set Up a Multi-Item Selector

How to set up a multi-item selector on a donation page

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Learn how to create a Multi-Item Selector offering so donors can choose a product from multiple items once they qualify for a gift.

The feature is currently available for donation pages and upsells but not on storefronts.

If you want to create products from our merchandise catalog instead, click the button below.

Then contact the WinRed Merchandise team at to set up this type of offering.

How to Create the Product

To create a Multi-Item Selector, navigate to the Merchandise tab and select the Products sub-tab.

Click the green Add Product button in the upper right corner to start.

Once this has been selected, fill out the following fields.


Pro tip: Correctly title your variant name with descriptive titles, as those will be shown to the donors

Set the Product Price

Under the Product Price, you will set the product's base price, which will apply to all options in your Multi-Item Selector.

Size Options/Custom Options

Since you are offering different products all at once, skip setting an Option Set and Size Option and simply list each SKU under variants.

Add any Variants

Add the variant SKUs for each item you add to the Multi-Item Selector. Set the Public Variant Names. These will show on the donation page or upsell for your donor to choose from, so make sure they accurately represent the item you're offering.

If your item(s) come in multiple sizes, list each size SKU and state the size in the Public Variant Name. Each SKU will populate, so there is no need to add a custom field to collect sizes.

If your item was purchased in bulk, and you would like to receive low inventory notifications, click the button below.

Once all information has been entered and checked, scroll to the top and click Save in the right-hand corner. You have now successfully created your Multi-Item Selector!

Offer the Multi-Item Selector

We recommend offering the Multi-Item Selector on donation pages or upsells. To offer the product, you must Create a Merchandise Campaign and append it to a donation page.

Please Note: This product type cannot be offered on a storefront

If you have questions or are unsure about any of these steps, please get in touch with our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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