At WinRed, we want to give you the tools you need to boost both your small-dollar and high dollar fundraising game. This feature is available to all organizations on WinRed.

We added High Dollar Donation Pages to every account to help. This page charges a special, lower rate, which means more money in your campaign account to help you win.

Normal Processing Rate: 3.94%

High Dollar Fundraising Rate: 3.2%

This functionality is set on a per-page basis. The minimum donation for these pages is $500.

How to use your High Dollar Page

To create a High Dollar Page, simply click Create New Page and select High Dollar Page:


When viewing a High Dollar Page from page builder, it will be differentiated from the other pages by a gold icon located next to the view page and save buttons in the upper right corner.


When viewing the Pages Index and clicking the ellipsis for a High Dollar Page, you will be able to see the following:

In addition to this, we recommend using two other features:

Entry Mode:

With Entry Mode you and your staff are able to process donations on behalf of donors without saving credit card information or triggering auto-fills.

Learn more about Entry Mode

ACH Payments

WinRed allows you to accept ACH payments at a rate of .8% capped at $5 per transaction.

Note: If you would like to utilize ACH payments, please reach out to out to the WinRed support team.

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